Mobile app for the flying community

Our app is intended for pilots, flight instructors and aviation lovers.
Organize and participate to flying challenges and experiences.

Welcome to the KRISTAL.air Community !

Pilots gather to connect with each other and to share their passion.
Fun is part of the flying experience and our app is here to prove it!


We wish to fulfill the needs of pilots, flight instructors, flying clubs and competition organizers.

KRISTAL.air is addressed to all aviation segments

General aviation, gliding, paragliding, freefall, acrobatics, air navigation race, rallye

Every pilot should have fun flying safely

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    a collision avoidance system dedicated to the VFR under the transition layer

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    View and playback of your flight path in 3D

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    flight recording, viewer and analysis

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    participate to flying challenges for fun and for competitions

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    Fly from one strip to another, take a cab, eat in a nice restaurant, stay for the night and then fly back home.

Download our app, join the community and have a fun and safe flight !


Flight instructors

  • Live track your student from the ground
  • Analyze the flight analytics afterwards
  • Create a specific challenge for your student via the app

Aeroclubs and Flight Schools

  • Track and locate the flying aircrafts
  • Organize pedagogical challenges to reinforce safety
  • Share local flight experiences to entertain your Community


  • Get an objective and quantitative review of your flights
  • Detect your weaknesses to focus on for your next flight
  • Beat the challenges set up by your instructor


  • Join a community of pilots and share tips and experiences
  • Fly safely using the collision avoidance system
  • Record, view and analyze your flight afterwards
  • Create and participate to flying challenges
  • Share your flight with the community, friends and family

Plane owners

  • Track and locate your flying aircrafts

Competition organizers

  • Create and manage official flying contests
  • Define rules and terms of participation to a competition
  • Organize the registration, participants, teams, aircrafts
  • Flight data records, analysis and results (ranking)
  • Generate live feeds to talk to pilots and public

Competition public

  • Live view of ongoing challenges for the aviation enthousiasts
  • Follow the pilots' ranking
  • Live news

Flight Radar

    • Fly safely thanks to our collision avoidance system and trafic alert of nearby aircrafts
    • SOS (Send your location in case of emergency)
    • Private mode (show where you are but not who you are)
    • Share your real-time flight location with the community

Flight recording, viewer and analysis

    • Record your flight (GPS, accelerometer, barometer and gyroscope)
    • View and playback of your flight path in 3D
    • Check your flight's altitude, vertical speed indicator, ground speed and G factor through graphics
    • Share your flight with the community, your friends or your family via e-mail, SMS/text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Use your flights to generate experiences


    • Organize and participate to flying challenges
    • Set up doors, corridors, boxes, directions, and speed constraints via the app
    • Automatic and live analysis of participants flight records
    • Ranking management and live sharing
    • Live view and playback of challenges flight


  • Use your flight records to propose the community your favourites life experiences based on flying.
  • Add to your flight records different tips and points of interest, timeline, costs, skills requirements, etc.
  • Fly from one strip to another, take a cab, eat in a nice restaurant, stay for the night and then fly back home.


  • Share your flight with your passengers, family and friends.
  • Share with your co-pilot, with your flight instructor or with your student.
  • Share with the KRISTAL.air community
  • Share socially
    •     Post your flight on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
    •     Email or send a text with the flight data
    •     Share for fun, share to help, share to inspire or share for flight review.

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Your account

To use KRISTAL.air you must first create a KRISTAL.air account. Your flight’s information is totally private and protected by your username and password.

Have a safe and fun flight with KRISTAL AIR!

Start app before flying

When used in the cockpit this App should be started before the flight, run in the background and be reviewed after the flight. It should not be allowed to create a distraction while in flight. Flight radar feature will send notifications depending on your personal settings.

Safety Best Practices

You should never plug your IPhone into the aircraft, prefer to use an external battery, bring a specific fireproof bag for lithium batteries and a bottle of water in case of fire.

Offline / online mode

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Internet connection required for live updates while in flight.

Flights only

This app can only be used for flights’ recording and analysis and is intended for planes only. It will neither analyze your car ride, nor your drone flight.